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      Ullrich Fischer

      This happened a couple of times. Once I left the car to go into a store, leaving my wife in the front passenger seat. I had the Tesla app on my phone in my pocket. When I left, I heard the chirp indicating the car locked itself. While I was away, my wife opened the passenger side door and the alarm went off. Bringing my phone back into bluetooth range made it stop. That was a few months ago. Today, with the latest software update 2020.12.11.1, I was sitting in the car listening to podcasts while it was charging at a free level 2 charge station when the screen went blank and the podcast stopped. I pressed the two steering wheel buttons to reboot it and after about 40s or so, the Tesla logo appeared and a few seconds later the screen came up again. I had to reconnect my phone to get the podcast going again. Once the charging finished, I opened the door and the alarm went off, this time with some very loud rock music filling the interior of the car as well as intermittent honking from the horn. I quickly restarted the Tesla app which my phone might have put into hibernation while I was playing my podcasts on it through bluetooth to the car’s sound system. That made the alarm stop. Is this normal behaviour? Do I need to make sure the app is running before opening the door after a long charging session? Is there a setting somewhere to make sure the alarm doesn’t go off as long as someone is sitting in one of the car’s front seats unless the car was unoccupied, locked, then re-occupied without being legitimately unlocked first?

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