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Our club members network and socialize with owners & fans, advocate for EV by supporting legislative efforts, offering test-drives and/or ride-alongs, volunteering at shows advocating EVs, educating new and prospective owners, and refer others to explore Tesla ownership or themselves.


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Here are some of the fun EV events scheduled

in 2024



Welcome to event opportunities now scheduled between now and Summer of 2024 !

Tesla Owners Club of BC is determined to get past the non-event environment caused by the Covid family of viruses during the recent couple of  years.

Our club has 288 active members and many more subscribers. We operate 3 club chapters  in Vancouver, Fraser-Valley and Thompson-Okanagan. Currently we have 3 Chapter Leads and 4 directors including one webmaster. 

24 new Supercharges now available at Esso Silver-Hope Tourism site near Hope, BC off Flood-Hope Road from Trans Canada Hwy #1. Includes 2 Supercharges you can pull into if you have a trailer attached. They are 5A and 6B (note the 4 close together chargers on the South side of the peninsula sites). Also be aware this is a ONE WAY ONLY site – see the ground arrows in the photo. From the East you get off Hwy #1 at the Flood-Hope exit and go over the overpass on your left from the stop sign in front of the Husky Station then turn right as soon as you are on the East side of the overpass. From the west just get off Hwy 1 at the 2nd  Flood Hope exit sign.

On August 4th, 5th and 6th, there was the 27th Annual Show and Shine in downtown Kamloops, BC and Hugh Gregory’s Review follows below …..

Kamloops Annual “hotnightinthecity” event

Tuesday, Aug 9th, 2022 at 08:16 PDT
Hot Nites in Kamloops Show and Shine on Saturday, August 6th was an amazing experience.  I have never seen so many Classic and Vintage cars in my life.  Something like 6 city blocks.
Tacked on at the west end was “Electric Avenue”.  A one block dog leg south off of Victoria on 2nd Ave between Victoria and Seymour.
We had lots of EV’s including the Electric Ford F-150.
According to the young summer student workers at the Sustainable Kamloops booth, the show stealers on Electric Avenue were the Electric Ford F-150 pick up truck and a Tesla Model-X that had its Falcon Wings doors up all day.  They told me those two were the big draws for stop and gawk all day long.
Myself and the other EV owners were kept busy all day, taking questions from many friendly inquiries and some interesting conversations with folks who are still hooked on petrol fumes.  Even had some fun with a hyper greenie, who complained to me that EV’s were not recyclable like ordinary cars are, in his (misguided) opinion.  I gently corrected some of his misinformation with Science fact.
BC Hydro had a booth as well as Sustainable Kamloops and several car dealerships, including Ford right next to their Electric F-150 Pickup truck.
Wish I had more photos for you but we were kept busy all day long.
My thanks to Jaimi Garbutt from City of Kamloops and Brock Nanson for putting together an amazing Electric Avenue display for Hot Nites 2022.
They did a great job, as did Jaimi’s two student helpers whose names I have forgotten (sorry about that).
Warmest regards,
Owner-Pilot of OCISLY – The Cobalt Blue Tesla Model X


Weds, Nov 9th 2022 at 16:47 PST

Some good news for the Thompson-Okanagan Tesla Owners.

My wife and I just discovered that the x12 250kW Tesla Supercharger’s at Kamloops -Summit Drive are now open.

We are charging at this time. It is not yet showing as active on the “In Car” Tesla navigation system but you can plug in an recharge.

The western six of the 12 TSC’s are signed Tesla Charging Only and the eastern six are signed Tesla 60 Minutes General Parking.

After a long four month wait since last week of June, nice to have a 2nd charging option in Kamloops.

Our thanks to who ever got it switched on.

Warmest Regards,
Owner-Pilot of the Cobalt Blue Model-X