Mission Our mission is to help accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.  Club members help advocate for electric vehicles by supporting legislative efforts, offering test-drives and/or ride-alongs, volunteering at shows, educating new and prospective owners, hosting social events, and passionately referring friends, family and colleagues to explore Tesla ownership for themselves. We believe in an electric, low carbon future—with a healthy dose of performance to make it fun! We are incorporated in the province of British Columbia as a member funded non-profit society* consisting of new owners, existing owners, prospective owners, reservation holders, and enthusiasts. All are welcome!  We have local chapters in Vancouver and for the Okanagan area with sister clubs Vancouver Island and Tesla Owners Puget Sound. Contact us at info@bc.teslaownersclub.ca for more information. 2019-2020 Directors Paul Carter (2017 to Present) – Founder & President. Paul has over 30 years of programming and consulting experience in a wide range of industries and roles. From an early age, he learned programming and applied this knowledge rapidly with his first work opportunity computerizing various aspects of his family businesses. This successful first client experience led to a deep passion for programming, business improvement, automation, and process re-engineering. Disciplined, with a strong work ethic, Paul has been called upon to fill various critical roles delivering projects and process improvements. Able to see the big picture, understands and translates business processes and design, he can implement the technology du jour for any organization to meet its mission and vision. He is a strong proponent of a lean disciplined programmer, in which continuous learning improves knowledge and skills while gaining real world experience with little or no waste. Paul seeks opportunities to develop, foster, instruct, and/or assist students in learning the importance of ethics, discipline, and gaining experience by applying theory throughout a career of continuous education. Outside of work Paul advocates for sustainability. He have also served on several non-profit boards to give back to the community. Paul is currently a member of several organizations promoting electric vehicles and sustainability. Paul love to volunteer at public events to provide firsthand owner experience to provide public education on electric vehicles. He also love to drive on road trips to ski, hike, meet new people, and explore parks, art, and architecture. Rob Bahd (2019 to Present) – Secretary/Treasurer, Director 2017-2018. Rob is a Chartered Professional Accountant specializing in business and financial systems with 20 years of experience. Rob has provided business process design, implemented new systems and process, data conversion of financial systems, integrations to other systems, developed reports, and supported and trained users. He is a technology enthusiast and became interested in Tesla since the early days. He purchased his first Tesla in 2018 and became a proud owner of a Model 3. R.(Dale) Monrad (2019 to Present) -Acting Vice-President, 2020.  Dale is self-employed assisting in managing a web design, development and hosting company that he previously owned. He earned a Diploma focused on Marketing and Sales Management in 1987 from the University of British Columbia. Now living in Hope, BC he became a director of Advantage Hope, a community promotion organization reporting directly to the town council. He has owned a Tesla Model S75D since Sept 2016 and likes to participate in car shows. He was the newsletter editor/publisher for the Hamilton Mountain Rotary Club for several years before coming to BC. Dale served on the board as rally organizer for the Hamilton Mountain Motor Sport Club. He was responsible for organizing rallies and motocrosses and helped the club start the Mosport Race Track in Ontario. Dale also has a history in the aviation industry. After obtaining his Private Pilot license with night time and float-equipped aircraft, he also earned his commercial and instructor endorsements and became an instructor managing a flying school and sold Cessna aircraft. He’s an experienced Business Owner with a continuous history of marketing Business Machines, Mainframe Computers, Multi-User Computers, computer time-sharing, was a VAR (value added Reseller) and now for the past 2 decades, works in the Internet industry. He plans to continue to promote EV vehicles and clean air initiatives in Canada and here in BC, especially Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. Directors at Large Randy Taylor (2017 to Present) – Randy has 25 years as a business owner of Setsplus Design Ltd. and Annex Studio. He is also a former Tesla employee as a Delivery Specialist. He is now semi-retired.He has been a Tesla owner since 2013 and loves travelling and promoting the EV lifestyle. Colin Hay (2019 to Present) – Colin is a proud Tesla owner. He also owns a 2013 VW Jetta Hybrid. He stood in line for the Model 3 reservation and received his car on June 6, 2018.  It’s a long range, multi coat red with 18 inch aeros. He’s been working in Guest Services since 1996 at Four Seasons Vancouver in which he first drove a Tesla Roadster. He has a passion for all things automotive and for automotive design. Nishal Kumar (2019 to Present) – Nishal is active in the Tesla, ecommerce and local Vancouver community – working to continually innovate and solve problems. Nishal is a former Tesla employee and current Tesla owner (P85). He is the founder and owner of EVitems.com, a company that produces aftermarket interior accessories for the Tesla Model S, Model X and Model 3. He also owns a supplement company with a product, called DHM Detox, that provides liver support and reduces hangover symptoms from drinking alcohol. Aslam Nathoo (2019 to Present) – Aslam has spent more than 20 years helping companies build, market and sell exciting & innovative software products. A successful entrepreneur and management consultant, he has served both in operational and strategic management positions with companies ranging from early stage start-ups to tech industry giants such as Sun, Oracle and SAP. Kelly Saunders (2019 to Present) – Kelly was previously the Remarketing Program Manager, Western Canada at Tesla and is now the Founder/President of Abstract Energy, an EV charging company that invites top-rated electricians to compete for each project. He provides a customer experience that is effortless and simple on the front end, while leveraging his network of installers to create efficiency and flexibility on the back end. Beyond his passion for electric vehicles, his 3 favourite things in life are travelling the world, reading in his hammock and cabin weekends at the lake.As a new Board Member, Kelly is excited to develop and grow the incredible community of Tesla owners across BC. Joellen Lin (2019 to Present) – Joellen owns a 2017 Tesla Model X. Her name is Stormtrooper1212. You will often find them at many Tesla events, fundraising campaigns for Vancouver General Hospital, BC Children’s Hospital, as well as proud ambassador-duo for Emotive—a BC government initiative to raise awareness of EV.Outside of Tesla, Joellen is the owner of Steam Tea House, a teashop created to connect people through tea and coffee. She believes that when holding a cup of delicious and artfully crafted beverage in your hand, sipping casually yet intentionally, we are more open to the world of bold and courageous ideas. Community is created, and magic happens. Joellen received B.Sc., M.Sc., and Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Queen’s University, Kingston ON. She is a scientist by training, but a passionate tea sommelier at heart. After graduation, she decided to continue building her family legacy in Vancouver, BC where she calls home.   OFFICIAL PARTNER OF THE TESLA OWNERS CLUB PROGRAM.  The Tesla Owners Club of British Columbia is not otherwise affiliated with Tesla Canada ULC, Tesla Inc. or its subsidiaries. We are independent, but work with Tesla collaboratively through the official Tesla Owners Club Program. We are part of an international group of other official Tesla Owners Clubs and provide feedback and support to Tesla for the benefits of our members and to support Tesla in their mission. TESLA, MODEL S, MODEL X, MODEL 3, MODEL Y, POWERWALL and the “TESLA”, “T” and “TESLA and T Flag” designs, and certain other marks, are trademarks or registered trademarks of Tesla Canada ULC and/or Tesla Inc. in Canada, United States and other counties.