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      Paul Carter

      It’s about time to register for the Hot Nite show and shine in Kamloops! Event runs Friday thru Sunday, with the big show being Saturday. Friday is a Poker Run, Sunday is RibFest (worth coming to town for all on its own, believe me…). The link to more information is here: http://www.hotniteinthecity.com/home.html

      Don, Ray and I showed our cars last year – three MC Red Model S’s all in a row. Spent the day talking to A HUGE NUMBER of people! I understand there were over 425 cars registered, with 13 city blocks shut down for the day to hold the event.

      I’ve done this show before with my Alfa and enjoyed it then… but showing the Model S was a much more fulfilling experience. Instead of just looking and commenting among themselves, the public wanted to learn more about the cars. They drew a crowd and really stole the show (well, we thought so, but the petrol-heads would never admit that!)

      It would be nice to get a large contingent of owners to come up for the weekend, perhaps as a club event. I’m actually wondering if we could get another section just for ourselves, if enough of us registered. I could certainly talk to the organizers about this as well as Emotiv and the City of Kamloops sustainability group (with their Leaf).

      So any interest folks???

      2015 Hot Nite in Kamloops

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      Paul Carter

      So after the email was sent out, I got two responses… Hans and Ray. I’m 99% sure I’m going. That makes 3. Can we interest anyone else? It’s a tree-lined street, so good shade. Well organized and plenty of spectators – 40,000 was the number estimated last year.

      Good live music every night of the summer at the Riverside Park Bandshell (short walk from the Show ‘n Shine)… Friday will be a Bob Seger tribute band, Saturday is a Rod Stewart tribute and Sunday is a Lynrd Skynyrd band. These are always bands that come in from out of town… not half-talented local garage bands. http://www.kamloops.ca/events/pdfs/16-MITP-Riverside.pdf

      And the Ribfest event the same weekend is also something to taste… also in Riverside Park. http://kamloopsribfest.com/

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      Chris Babcock

      Would love to but don’t get the S till August! Next time! Have fun

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      Tony Muller

      We should be in Kamloops on Saturday on our way back from PG then heading off to Bella Coola on Monday. Might just have to come by as a spectator this time.

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      Paul Carter

      It’s definitely worth coming, even if you don’t show your car. Much more than a handful of muscle cars parked at the local A&W!

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      Bruce Bosdet


      I would like to join you, if possible. Will look into signing up.

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      Paul Carter

      Sounds good Bruce! The link to the Hot Nite website I included in the first post now allows you to complete the form online and also do an Interac E-Transfer of the registration fees… I was signed up and paid in a matter of minutes, with no concerns about Canada Post delaying my paperwork.

      You will note that there is no really appropriate category for a Tesla to enter. I think I went with ‘Special Interest’ last year… But just to be an agitator, I decided to select ‘Muscle Car – Modern American’ this year. I wonder if that will raise any eyebrows! Sadly, even a basic non-P 85D will embarrass most so-called ‘muscle cars’ on the road today.

      Anyone else? It sure would be nice to get an X out for the show’n shine!

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      Paul Carter

      Show is Saturday! Any last minute entries??

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        Sorry I can’t make it. I would love to come as I really enjoyed it two years ago. RibFest would be worth it alone!

        Have fun and can’t wait to hear about it.

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