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      Alan Chang


      I am new to the forum, because I was an excited proud owner of a CPO model S, but now it’s slowly turned into a nightmare. I am wondering if anyone has the same experience and do you have any suggestions.

      I was looking into a slightly used model s on the telsa website. Just like my past experience buying a used car. I called, and went to the showroom. I can never get a hold of anyone responsible for the used department. I went ahead ordered the car without even seeing any pictures, paid the $2500 deposit. AFter that, I finally got an email congrats me on buying the car, and sent me some really low-resolution pictures. From that point and on, I try every possible way to get an estimate on my delivery date, as I sold my car and I have been renting. until now, the best answer I got is ” the TYPICAL delivery takes 2-3 weeks (for a used cars located in town?), and I will get an email when it’s ready” Ok, when would that be? like in 4 years?

      Sorry for the rant, but I am really frustrated not having a car. Buying a car closed to $80K and yet, I am still renting. I don’t even have a shipping number. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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