Reply To: Kamloops Hot Nite in the City – Car Show

Paul Carter

Sounds good Bruce! The link to the Hot Nite website I included in the first post now allows you to complete the form online and also do an Interac E-Transfer of the registration fees… I was signed up and paid in a matter of minutes, with no concerns about Canada Post delaying my paperwork.

You will note that there is no really appropriate category for a Tesla to enter. I think I went with ‘Special Interest’ last year… But just to be an agitator, I decided to select ‘Muscle Car – Modern American’ this year. I wonder if that will raise any eyebrows! Sadly, even a basic non-P 85D will embarrass most so-called ‘muscle cars’ on the road today.

Anyone else? It sure would be nice to get an X out for the show’n shine!