Reply To: Aftermarket Wheels?

Paul Carter

Stephen, thanks for the offer. I might just take you up on that in the next few weeks as I’m tentatively scheduling a trip to Seattle in early April… going over the border at Sumas, so you’d be close by.

I went into a tire shop I’ve never been to before, this afternoon, and found out they sell Niche rims. Pricing isn’t too bad at $300-$400 for cast wheels. Niche also makes forged wheels, but put a ‘1’ in front of the previous numbers…

Anyway, turns out one of the local guys with the dark 21 turbines picked up these in ‘Anthracite’ as his winter wheels. The turbines were in the shop getting new rubber so I was able to have a look. I’m surprised at just how flat and grey they really are! The anthracite is also dark, but seems to have more depth. The owner is expected in tomorrow to do the swap, so I may get the chance to see the Niche Misano’s in the flesh.

Dan, I pondered the new stock 19’s, but they’re apparently only available (so far at least) in the bright finish. I want to go dark for my second set, so will likely give them a miss. I’m seriously thinking that 20″ may be the trick for summer treads. I like the look of the 21’s but don’t really need the grief or the price tag. Speaking with the tire story guys, the 20″ tires are a little more expensive than the 19’s, but significantly less than the 21’s. And seem to wear better too. Seems like a decent compromise.