Reply To: BlackVu Dashcam Installed Group Buy DR650GW-2CH

Paul Carter

So if I understand this correctly, you have a cable running from the dead pedal area across to the cubby. The cubby (or just under) has the PMP unit. A voltage detect wire also runs to the PMP, but from the console USB area (are you using a USB plug or did you go in behind and tap in directly?).

From the PMP you route the power cable up to the rearview mirror area and the main camera unit (the hardest part?). The rear camera presumably runs above the headliner around the edge of the pano roof and meets the main unit at the mirror. Is that about right?

So all in all, what sort of skill level would you say is needed to do this and – at the risk of being insulting 😉 – did it come out looking clean and invisible? I don’t know exactly how the installation method Paul has lined up would compare, but I’m curious as it sounds like you’ve added some features that might be worth considering.