Vancouver Tesla Birthday Drive

April 12, 2020

Here is the little blog of the event. …. Alfred

Our proud Tesla owner, Aimee King set up a drive by birthday celebration for her lovely son, Gavin 3 weeks before his birthday which was April 12th.   Gavin was also a Tesla enthusiast. More than 45 Tesla owners showed up at the event.  It was a simple drive-by event and no gathering happened during the most challenge time in human`s history.

Here is the story, one of our proud Tesla owners, Aimee King invited all the Tesla owners on  Tesla Owners of Vancouver (Lower Mainland/GVRD) and Tesla Owners of Vancouver (Lower Mainland/GVRD) FB pages three weeks before her lovely son Gavin`s 7th birthday.  On April 12th, more than 45 Tesla vehicles showed up at Gavin`s .  neighborhood.  Most of the Tesla owners were blasting Gavin`s favorite music during the drive by.  The music were Thunder Struck, Smooth Criminal, All Tragically Hip songs, Guns and Roses`, Thunder by Imagine Dragons and the Happy Birthday song. The event was successful and “Quiet“ except the loud music. 😉

Thanks for organizing such a great event, Aimee has notified the neighbors and local police before it took place.  It was a meaningful event during the most challenge time in our human history.  Well-done to our Tesla owners in Vancouver, B.C.