Teslas with trailer hitches


For a future visit to the new Klassen-Superchargers on Trans Canada Hwy #1 in Hope, BC, if your Tesla is towing anything, the first item on your list should be which of these new chargers are better suited to added length. A good choice would be to go to the right side of the island of 10 chargers where there are 2 spaces to assist you. There are now 2 longer charging stations (5A & 6B) where you drive parallel into with the trailer attached.

Last year we observed at original Hope charger on Fraser Ave.,  a young couple entered straight into the only “drive-in” charger  which left barely enough room to  squeeze behind their new looking RV trailer …  Getting in was relatively easy but backing out required a lot of help from on-lookers and other Tesla owners.

Reminded them that a much simpler approach would be to unhook the trailer in an empty parking spot nearby and when they were charged, a simple hook up and away you go. No backing up in a tight spot with a trailer using this solution.

2 thoughts on “Teslas with trailer hitches

  1. So folks know….
    There is a “trailer hitched” separate SuperCharger now up at Kamloops, where folks towing a trailer can drive in and park parallel to this SuperCharger, which is Off Set from the rest of the Regular “back your car” in SuperChargers.
    These stand alone “towing a trailer” TSC’s are slowly coming to other SuperCharging stations, but it is very space available dependent, so they unfortunately can nto be installed at in all places.

    Food for thought,
    Cheers, Hugh-SG

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