Teslas with trailer hitches


For a  future visit to the new Klassen-Superchargers in Hope, BC and in other places, if your Tesla is towing anything, the first item on your list should be where to park and unhook your towed item. In the photo above, found today on PlugShare, a better choice might have been to go to the far end of the row of chargers where there are 2 spaces without chargers that could have been backed into and unhitched the beautiful boat. There are some charging locations where you could drive into at least one charger with the trailer attached but there are not too many of these.

A few minutes removing a trailer and parking it into a parking stall is a more appropriate solution.

A couple days later at the original Hope charger on Fraser Ave.,  a young couple entered straight into the only “drive-in” charger  which left barely enough room to  squeeze behind their new looking RV trailer …  Getting in was relatively easy but backing out required a lot of help from on-lookers and other Tesla owners.

Reminded them that a much simpler approach would be to unhook the trailer in an empty parking spot nearby and when they were charged, a simple hook up and away you go. No backing up in a tight spot with a trailer using this solution.

One thought on “Teslas with trailer hitches

  1. So folks know….
    There is a “trailer hitched” separate SuperCharger now up at Kamloops, where folks towing a trailer can drive in and park parallel to this SuperCharger, which is Off Set from the rest of the Regular “back your car” in SuperChargers.
    These stand alone “towing a trailer” TSC’s are slowly coming to other SuperCharging stations, but it is very space available dependent, so they unfortunately can nto be installed at in all places.

    Food for thought,
    Cheers, Hugh-SG

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