Hope’s new Supercharger Station is now active

12 New Tesla V3 Superchargers on Hwy #1 near Hope, BC were activated on July 3 2021
This location is right off Eastbound Hwy #1 exit #168 at the 2nd FloodHope exit to the convenient new
Rickees Restaurant and Silver Creek Travel Centre.

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These will help to alleviate the Friday and Sunday night lineups
(below) at the existing Super Chargers in Hope, BC
On Friday July 2, there where at least 30 or more cars lined up to get charged at the Hope Chargers

2 thoughts on “Hope’s new Supercharger Station is now active

  1. Thanks for your help Hugh .. the folks in Hope thought we were having a “Tesla” parade on Canada Day as there were Teslas lined up for several blocks ..
    The local car club has been doing a car parade since the Canada Day car shows have been shut down due to Covid – 19 …
    We entered our S75D Tesla into their car show as the first Tesla entry July 1 2017 after we took posession and every year since until 2020 …
    We will be back in the show next July 1 if possible

  2. Thank you for the update Dale.

    I have never in my years of Tesla piloting experienced a Two Hour, 30+ car long line up to Supercharge like we both saw on Canada Day.

    Hopefully the new Klassen Rd 250kW Supercharger’s will help the 3’s and Y’s as they can Supercharge at higher kW rates then the legacy S’s and X’s.

    Not helping the situation on Thursday at Fraser Street was the fact that x2 were completely Off Line (1A & 1B) and for reasons unknown 5A would not charge S’s or X’s but would charge 3’s and Y’s.

    I was very happy the my telephone report of the 2 block, 30+ line up got Tesla’s attention as a pair of Tesla Techs there in about an hour after my call to troubleshoot and fix the x3 Supercharger’s that were down.

    Oh, Merritt also had a line up on Thursday as well, but the Airport Rd Supercharger’s should be on line soon.

    Warmest regards,
    Model-X Owner- Pilot

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