Supercharger Review – Whistler, BC

Whistler, BC – Tesla Supercharger

Found at the Whistler Fairmont hotel is the Whistler, BC’s Tesla Supercharger. It is located in the covered parking lot on the hotel’s left side, right off Chateau Blvd and Blackcomb. You will see many red Tesla signs pointing to the Tesla superchargers’ location in the parking lot. 

There are 4 superchargers on the first floor where the valet parking is, and 6 more superchargers directly above the valet parking on the 2nd floor, for a total of 10 Superchargers up to 72kW each. 

If you’re feeling hungry, there are fewer food locations than other superchargers. There is the WildFlower, Mallard Lounge, Milestones, RMU Blackcomb, Wizards Grill, The Fitzsimmons Pub, Legs Diamond, and seasonally the Whistlers Farmers Market. 

If you need to do a little bit of shopping, there is the Upper Village Market, Whistler, & a BC Liquor store. 

At this location, there are 12 Tesla 16kW chargers and 2 clipper creek (7.7kW) J-1772 chargers. But no Chademo/CCS chargers. Another great way to charge your Tesla is to use the wall chargers at some locations, which might charge slower but are perfect for an overnight stay at a hotel or visiting an area for a more extended amount of time.