Purchase an annual Supporting Voting Membership to receive this benefit.

All existing and new paid supporting Memberships can receive one (1) ID card per household, one (1) Lanyard, and two (2) Club windshield stickers.

Members must order the package separetly as a free benefit when becoming a supporting voting member. This is to help avoid waste*.

With your order, please indicate in the order notes if you need to override any information we have or you'd like to have on it such as your Tesla Model and Variant vehicle(s) owned or on order.

  • Full Name
  • Chapter (Vancouver, Thompson-Okanagan, or Fraser-Valley), if applicable
  • Model and variant of your Tesla vehicle(s) that you own or have on order if you would like it listed.

The ID badge will aid in future meetings and AGM for distinishing Supporting Voting Members.

*Some members do not wish to produce unwanted materials, are remote and unable to use, and/or want their footprint low and allowing more funds to help the club mission.