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      Has anyone here travelled to Prince George in their Tesla? If so, where did you charge?

      On a slightly related note, has anyone discussed the idea of forming a coop in which members all contribute a nominal amount of $ each month whereby the funds go towards installing EV chargers in areas that are currently underserved?

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      Brian Lutz

      Hi I live in Prince Rupert, and have done the drive here several times. Your Peter good for changing to Prince George, After PG it gets long and seldom.
      Owen is my cousin. Had a S as well. The is a HPWC at the coast girl l hotel.
      My stops

      Charge full at burrard sc 15 min
      To hope SC 50 MINUTES
      SUGAR SHACK 45 minutes 45 amps @54km/hr
      Williams lake sun country 80 amps 96km/hr 3.5 hr
      Prince George at Owen house 80amps @84-96 kmhr 4.5 hr
      Huston 30 amp at 34-36 km 1 hr
      Smithers private residence 50 amp.
      Terrace Nina sushi 80 amp HPWC
      RUPERT my house 80 amp HPWC only one.

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      Kevin Santos

      Any updates on Driving north to PG. Hoping to do the drive from Kelowna to PG in August.

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