Tires and Alignment, where do you go?

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      Hugo Wong

      Just curious, where do you guys all go for your tires/alignment needs? Is there any place in particular in the lower mainland that has a lot of experience with Teslas? Are Teslas any different from other vehicles when it comes to wheel alignment?

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      Paul Carter

      As far as I can tell, the suspension is pretty ‘normal’, so any reputable alignment shop should be capable of doing the work. I would call the Service Centre and ask them where they send the cars. I believe that the earlier models did have some alignment issues that caused abnormal tire wear… RWD models perhaps?… so TJ and his guys must have sent a few out for alignment checks. I didn’t notice the equipment in his shop, so doubt they did it themselves (but I could be wrong).

      Whether tires or alignment, I would make sure that the shop understands where to lift the car (and more specifically, where NOT to lift the car!).

      A tire comment… one of the guys I know with the stock 21’s got a flat. Tesla says the puncture requires a new tire, rather than a repair. Some sort of coating inside the tire. Anyway, replacing one tire means replacing two thanks to tread wear. Only problem, the tires aren’t available locally and will be coming from the states… in a couple of weeks! I don’t know how typical that problem is, but it surprised me!

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      Stephen Chow

      If you need an alignment done properly, go to Dale’s Alignment in Surrey/Langley. I brought many behicles to do suspension work in the past and they even do alignments for HPA Motorsports. Talk to Jason Trentini there, he’s a car enthusiast and one of the owners son who works there.

      Locally, for tires and wheels, the guys at KX Wheels in Surrey have treated me nicely for my needs of my Toyota Tundra, but I’m not sure if they have done many Teslas. As for tires, I’ve always gone to Discount Tire in Bellingham. Awesome service and quick as well, but I’ve never had my Model S in there before. I’m swapping my winter rims/tires off my Tundra this Satuday to my All-Terrain tires and offroad wheels, so I’ll make sure to ask about their experience with Teslas and report back. I’m confident the Bellingham Discount Tire has serviced a few Teslas in the past since they claim to be the busiest DT location in the nation.

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      Chris Norton

      I use Grandview Tire on Commercial and 12th. I have winter and summer tires, each on their own rims and own TPMS, so they just swap them out for $9/tire.

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