Supercharger – Salmon Arm, BC

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      Gud’morning folks,
      Thursday, Oct 22nd, 2020 at 11:38 PDT

      This morning I was visiting “” to check out latest news on Superchargers in British Columbia.

      There I discovered the Blue Pin for a Supercharger in Salmon Arm was gone, which when I last checked in the summer had proceeded to the Permit stage.

      Does anyone know what or why this planned Tesla Supercharger was killed off or cancelled?

      Appreciate your thoughts.


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      Darren Schebek

      Maybe the permit was declined? It’s not so bad if you’re driving through Salmon Arm (only 200 km between Kamloops SC and Revelstoke SC) but I guess it kind of sucks if you live in Salmon Arm. 🙁

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      Gud’morning Darren, Tuesday, Oct 27th,2020 at 05:38 PDT

      Thank you for responding. The distance is actually 246km and there are pair of low mountain passed involved which drastically reduces the range.

      A permit was issued which was how it was added to SuperCharger Info by another person.

      There is now a Coming Soon on map Tesla keeps showing Sicamous in 2020.

      If you try A Better Route Planner Planner/classic (classic version I feel is much easier to use) it says my 90D MX with 5% battery degradation it can only do the 246km run Kamloops to Revelstoke direct run at temperatures above 10’c on Dry Roads.

      I have actually driven it at 06’c last March and had to leave Kamloops at 98% to get to Revelstoke with 20% SoC (and use the in car heater to keep us warm).

      So there is definitely a need for a TSC along that route for those of us with older cars.

      Kindest regards,

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      Gud’morning folks,  Wednesday, Jan 6th, 2021 at 10:20 PST

      Well, its been interesting morning.

      I was updating my knowledge of the latest TSC’s in BC and discovered…

      1… after a long wait since September of 2020, the Princeton TSC has been reported on Tesla Drive Canada as operational as of Dec 26th, 2020.

      2… the Planned TSC at 529 Main St , V0E 2V0 Sicamous
      has vanished from the map.  The only reference you can now find is on “chargemap dot com”.

      So, at this time both of the sites in that area (Salmon Arm and Sicamous) are, for now No Go’s.

      Which is a tad disappointing for those of us with older vehicles or those of us with shorter range batteries.

      Food for thought,

      Cheers, Hugh-SG

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