Shareholders Meeting: Help to remove BC Ban on Tesla Referral Rewards

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      I’m headed to the Tesla shareholders meeting next week, and in thinking about questions I might ask if I get the opportunity to speak to Elon directly, I’m feeling like it’s an opportunity to publicaly ask for help from Tesla’s legal team to combat the rule that exempts BC residents from Tesla referral rewards, and get our petition on their radar.

      I’m leaving this Monday for Fremont, so this is really last minute. (sorry!)

      I am wondering if anyone knows who I can put their team in touch with if they are interested in getting involved. I have a very rudimentary understanding of why this “law” is in place, but enough to hopefully make a good case for their involvement.

      I would love it if you could get in touch with me if you have any contact referrals for me to pass on, or can provide some help to make sure my statement at the shareholders meeting is accurate.

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      We can add this to the AGENDA for the upcoming AGM that needs to be held before December 31 if you would like it to be on the agenda or in next newsletter.

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      I didn’t get a chance to ask a question to Elon. This request was just my way of hopefully getting our case on his radar to see if he would be willing to give us some legal support from Tesla. I’m not sure I’m qualified to speak to the issue with authority but happy to support the initiative in other ways.

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