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      Stan Valnicek

      My MX front door latch failed in the fall and needed service. The door thought it was open and the alarm beeped constantly. The SC in Vancouver was fantastic and scrambled a tech to come to Kelowna to fix that within 2 days. While the repair was warranty, the travel costs are not. I ended up flying the fellow out and that was a 1100$ bill.

      When I bought the car, I was told there was twice a year ranger service to the Okanagan for repairs but after pickup they retracted that.

      A lot of stuff with my car is fairly minor and can wait 2-3 months for service. Currently my right front window is glitched for example. I have tried all the reset techniques to no avail. I wonder if other members from the interior would be willing to combine service tech visits so that we get the free warranty work without all individually paying for the mileage.

      Maybe a “service” forum would be useful where we could coordinate scheduling. If any members work for the Vancouver SC, then perhaps you could help us combine visits.

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      Paul Carter

      I’m a bit late to the party, but yes, I’d say this would be a good idea. There aren’t that many of us outside of the lower mainland (yet), so even if Kamloops people had to go to Kelowna, or vice versa (or some other city), it would still be easier than making the full trip to Vancouver. Especially if it made the repair more timely.

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