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      Tesla owners should receive an email to enter a contest to attend the event.  Contest closes March 16 at noon. Check you email and enter!

      If anyone wants to carpool, I’ll be driving down the day before to arrive in LA by noon March 31 (pending me winning or getting a +1 invite).



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      Ron Fleming

      Given that are only 800 spaces available of which 650 are going to Tesla owners, low odds already and if there is +1 available then the odds halve.

      Having said that, if we all enter and half of us win, then we could all go if +1’s are an available option!

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      Dan Bowditch

      I don’t intend to go but I could enter and if I win, I could donate it to another member who wants to go. Do you think Tesla would accept transfers or even care?

      Only problem is, the more who do this, it lowers the odds of winning a spot.

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      Paul Carter

      I’ve entered. Don’t expect to win, but would likely have to go if I do… this may be something of an historic moment when seen from 20 years in the future. Only problem would be how to get a reservation into the system – might have to get to the closest store for the 10 AM ‘opening’.

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      Stephen Chow

      From the Tesla email, current owners will have priority over non-owners for reserving a Model 3 and then we get down to the fully loaded vs basic packages and geographical deliveries (US before other countries) for deliveries.

      I’m sure most of us on this forum have read the TMC topics and comments regarding early adopters and current owners getting first dibs on M3. I’m going to email Robin at the Vancouver store to see if we physically have to be in the store to place the deposit on the 31st at 10am or if we have to wait till 8pm for online reservations otherwise. I don’t feel like waiting in line like I’m getting concert tickets. Even if every Canadian Tesla owner places a Model 3 deposit (I’m estimating about 5000 current owners and maybe 1/2 placing a Model 3 deposit at most, so 2500 reservations) ahead of meI’ll be ahead of 1000’s of non-owners.

      I’ll place a deposit and see what specs and new features the Model 3 will come out with. In the end, the deposit is fully refundable if the Model S has the same features as Model 3. It’ll be nice if the $5000 BC incentive for <$77k EVs will be in place still in 2-3 years.

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      Paul Carter

      I sent a message to Robin about perhaps having a second ‘VIP’ lineup out in the parkade, coming in the back door… for current owners. Your key fob would be your admission ticket… LOL

      Nothing back on that yet, but she’s usually pretty good about responding. No doubt the mothership hasn’t given guidance on this yet and the stores are probably scrambling to make their own plans.

      I noted I’m not 18 and this isn’t the Rolling Stones, so spending the night on the sidewalk isn’t really a consideration… funny that you made the concert comment above!

      It would also be nice if they had a room booked somewhere for owners to mingle during the evening reveal.

      Got the email saying I didn’t win tickets to the Hawthorne event, so I won’t have to work out the logistics of that trip. Heading down in early May, so just as well!

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      No need to get in line, existing owners will be given priority order (unless you want to be the first owner in that priority and do it in the store that day).

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      Ken Neave

      If I did not have an MS already, I’d be all over the M3 for sure … but instead I’ll be watching the web stream of the reveal on the 31st. Unless someone organizes a viewing party … ha.

      I will, however, be packing my $$$ away for that Roadster Redux that Elon hinted at “in four years” in last July’s conference call …

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      Dan Bowditch

      I received the rejection email for the Hawthorne event as well. Just curious, was anyone in the club successful in the invite lottery?

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      I think someone local (I think he is a VEVA member) was invited and attending.

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