MetroVancouver: EV Charging in Condos, Apartments and Townhomes

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      Rights for EV Charging in registered Stratas for Condos, Apartments and duplexes/townhouses is not yet mandatory.

      Metro Vancouver has created a new website – – dedicated to making the process of EV charging in stratified buildings an easier process. In addition to a number of resources, the website also contains a map of EV-friendly stratas throughout the Metro Vancouver area.

      Here is a current map showing a few registered so far. If you have an EV friendly strata, please register it on that site.

      Thanks in advance!

      Current Map as of 2016-08-27

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      Paul Carter

      Paul, I thought I saw a headline recently that suggested some provinces were beginning to draft legislation that would help ‘convince’ stratas to become EV-friendly, by essentially mandating their cooperation. Have you seen or heard anything on this and what is happening in BC? I’m still working towards an elusive approval from a strata at Sun Peaks… 10 months and counting…

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      I didn’t see anything and a quick google searched yielded nothing. If you can find something, we should post a call to action here to have people email their MLA about supporting such legislation. Or perhaps if not, asking for it!

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