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      Hi. My name’s Rick, I live in Fernie and have had my Model 3 SR for about a year and a half now. Despite that, we have never ventured farther west than Cranbrook but I am planning a trip out to Vancouver Island later this summer. I was really hoping to take the Tesla but after researching it looks like it may not be a good idea for a few reasons. The primary reason is that the charging station network along highway 3 is not great especially if you don’t have a CHAdeMO adapter which I don’t (hoping Tesla gets them back in stock soon). My other concern is not knowing what kind of range loss to expect when driving through mountain passes and how that’s affected by running a/c, lights, etc. Hoping some of you could offer some tips for mountain travel (e.g., ideal driving modes) and what your experience has been on range loss. Thanks!

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      Darren Schebek

      If you can get to Cranbrook, you can charge there and head to the supercharger at Invermere (134 km). From there you can just drive from one supercharger station to the next all the way to Vancouver (and back).

      I always try to get enough charge to arrive at the next supercharger with at least 20% charge remaining. If I can’t, then I look for a supercharger station in-between (car navigation will skip stations if it thinks you can get away with it). Strong winds and AC/heating tends to eat up some of that buffer even though a recent update said that these things were now factored into the navigation.

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