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      Paul Carter

      If anyone was following the chatter on TMC in the days leading up to the Model 3 event, you might have noticed ‘Mad Hungarian’ camped out for a couple of nights in Montreal. He had his tent set up on on the front lawn and had created some graphics for the tent. There was enough interest in his work that he’s made it available in the form of shirts etc. on a custom tee shirt website.

      He is evidently contributing a portion of the proceeds to some EV groups. Speaking with him on TMC, it sounds like the orders haven’t been coming in in the numbers anticipated and at this point, he’s hoping to just break even on the deal.

      I’m going to do an order, because I like the artwork and his effort. Perhaps some others will be interested as well?

      Website is https://teespring.com/modelS-evolve-by-madhungarian#pid=6&cid=647&sid=front

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      Ken Neave

      I like!

      I haven’t been following TMC so much since they changed over the bb and no longer support Tapatalk, so missed this. Site now says that he has enough orders to make minimum order for printing the shirts.

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      Paul Carter

      I have to say I also have been away from TMC since the change. I didn’t use Tapatalk, so I can’t blame that… but the site just doesn’t feel the same any longer. Perhaps it’s the massive influx of Model 3 folks who seem to have brought with them the usual argumentative and irrelevant content I can’t be bother sifting through.

      I ordered a shirt and a hoodie, just because it’s a pretty cool design!

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      Paul Carter

      Well, my shirt and hoodie arrived earlier this week. I’m happy with both pieces. Sounds like they’re doing another printing, so if anyone wants to get something, this would be the time to do so!

      You can get to the model-specific pages from this link I think…: https://teespring.com/search#q=mad%20hungarian&p=1

      The design looks essentially like this:https://vangogh.teespring.com/shirt_pic/5835736/6741984/6/647/480x9999/front.png?v=2016-06-17-18-26

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