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      Common Autopilot features and (notes of any vehicle variants if applicable) discussion

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      For those who are still exploring and discovering all the features of their just purchased Tesla, there are two types of AutoPilot.

      First is Basic Autopilot which is  Traffic Adaptive Cruise Control (Beta).

      Second is Full Self Driving Autopilot (Beta).

      Always keep in mind that these features are Beta and ALL current forms of any Vehicles makers “Autopilot” are like an 8 year old child in Grade 3.  It needs constant Adult Supervision, because occasionally it will do some thing dumb and you will have to take over and correct its mistake.

      Autopilot thinks it knows a lot, just like an 8 year old kid, but Beta, and that means it is still learning. So you Do have to monitor and have your hands on the wheel at ALL Times and be ready to take over.

      That said…

      The basic Autopilot – TACC should keep you in your Lane,and following the vehicle in front of you, at the safe distance you have set and cruising at up to the Maximum speed you have set for the road you are on.  IF you are driving on a road where the white and yellow lines are badly faded, Autopilot will Cut out and return control to you.  Always be ready to take over.

      The Full Self Drive Autopilot (Beta) can do so much more, suggesting a lane change if you are following a vehicle going slower then the speed limit, and when you on a Motorway (Highway) and you have Navigate on Autopilot engaged, it will actually exit you off of the Motorway-Highway at the exit for your destination and slow the car down to the Exit Ramp speed.

      Keep in mind that Autopilot can NOT see around the corner.

      So on some of the tighter turning exit ramps spirals,  be ready help out apply the brakes as you do not want to leave braking to slower speeds until it is too late. Near misses and close calls are scary to every one.

      Every time we override an AP or FSD mistake, your Tesla will take note and that data goes up to Tesla via Data Sharing daily, IF you have turned on Data Sharing.

      Because there are over a Million Tesla’s sending up their data daily, we are able to enjoy the continuous improvements to our Tesla’s via the regular over the air updates as Tesla’s engineers analyze all of this data and make improvements to AP and FSD.

      Hope this is of some help to you,

      Kindest regards, Hugh-SG

      Owner and Pilot of a 2016 Model-X with FSD





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