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      I have several 30% off codes available for group buy under my account for Abstract Ocean

      First group buy received today. 30 silicon covers in grey, silver, blue, red, and black. Available at cost for $15 CAD. Normal price $13.99 USD.

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      I still have some Model S fob covers available in several colours. Price is $15 CAD.

      I’m expecting a shipment of Model X fob covers today. Price is $18 CAD.

      Model X Fob Cover Performance Red

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      Paul Carter

      Hi Paul, I’ll take an S cover in red if you still have any for sale.

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        @brock Yes, I believe I have a red S one. I’ll put it aside. If you want me to mail you one, PM me an address.

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      R. (Dale) Monrad
      Club Admin

      Paul … we will take one in blue if you have one left … Dale Monrad
      How do you want to get $$

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