Reply To: From Sun to car


I agree with you Hans.  Solar does work in BC and it is Long Term slow pay back but very economical.

My wife and I have had 18 x 325 watt LG panels with an SMA 3.8 kW inverter since March 2018.  Optimizes throttle our panels out put down at max sun to keep total output down to maximum the inverters can handle.

We are also a BC Hydro sanctioned Grid Tie System with Net Metering (grandfathered).  Our BC Hydro bills went from $73 a month (averaged over 12 months, adjusted annually) to $23 a month in the 1st year.

We make most of our Solar Power between mid March and mid September, storing it via Net Metering with Hydro for use in the winter months when the sun angle is very low.

Our single Powerwall-2 back up has saved us many a time from going “dark” when the local grid decides to take a nap.  But we do not miss having to  go around the house resetting all of our clocks when there is a Hydro outage.

Food for  thought, Cheers, Hugh-SG