Reply To: Supercharging Estimated Costs


Yes you will be billed at a lower rate while paired, but your charging time will likely double, so its just a wash really. It may have a small window to give you > 60 kW if you join a pair in which the other Tesla is now down to < 60 kW. I believe its how much has been added to the car as per your car's system (blog states it as "energy delivered to the vehicle"), thus likely kWh consumed from the utility would be higher. Its a real bargain considering the private sector is going to charge around 35 cents / kWh. As Tesla said, this isn't a profit centre, so its very close to cost. (Remember this is demand charge rates, not our great home rate of ~ 11 cents / kWh including taxes). I'm sure Tesla will apply for the exemption and will get it. Bakerview EcoDairy got it: