Reply To: Supercharging Estimated Costs

Paul Carter

Hmmm. Somewhere I think I read that if you’re sharing a supercharger (A/B posts) with someone else, you’re billed at the lower rate. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t you get greater than 60 kW if your post partner was close to charged? Frugal owners who aren’t in a big hurry will probably start looking to pair with someone else to save a couple of bucks… LOL

I don’t know if it’s been explained… in jurisdictions where the cost is charged by the kWh, is that kWh in the battery, kWh of DC consumed or kWh at the Hydro meter? With losses, more will be consumed at the meter than added to the battery with DC somewhere between.

While people will likely be happy to accept the rates as they’ve been set, it sure would be nice to see a kWh price applied instead, because your cost will be entirely dependent on the state of your battery when you arrive (temperature, charge level). Imagine buying gas based on the time you’re at the pump, or how full your tank is when you arrive.