Reply To: OTA (Over the Air) Software and Firmware Updates

Ullrich Fischer

A few times now, after a new software update was discussed in Tesla related forums, my Model 3 SR+ popped up a message box on the screen asking me to connect to wifi or cancel. At the same time, the little download available symbol appeared at the top right area of the screen. No matter which option I chose, when I went to a public wifi parking spot nearby, the update was no longer available until sometimes a week or so later when that download symbol would re-appear and I would then be able to get the download by parking in range of that public wifi. I don’t have a way to access wifi from my condo’s parkade, so I have to rely on getting to a Shaw Open wifi area to get the downloads. Is there some way to signal to the Tesla servers that your car is waiting for the latest update? When the update disappears like that, the Software page on the screen says my software is up to date as of the current date and time, even though, clearly, it is not.

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  • This reply was modified 2 years, 1 month ago by pcarter.