Reply To: Supercharger – Salmon Arm, BC


Gud’morning Darren, Tuesday, Oct 27th,2020 at 05:38 PDT

Thank you for responding. The distance is actually 246km and there are pair of low mountain passed involved which drastically reduces the range.

A permit was issued which was how it was added to SuperCharger Info by another person.

There is now a Coming Soon on map Tesla keeps showing Sicamous in 2020.

If you try A Better Route Planner Planner/classic (classic version I feel is much easier to use) it says my 90D MX with 5% battery degradation it can only do the 246km run Kamloops to Revelstoke direct run at temperatures above 10’c on Dry Roads.

I have actually driven it at 06’c last March and had to leave Kamloops at 98% to get to Revelstoke with 20% SoC (and use the in car heater to keep us warm).

So there is definitely a need for a TSC along that route for those of us with older cars.

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