Reply To: BlackVu Dashcam Installed Group Buy DR650GW-2CH

Kelvie Wong

Hello everyone, new member here; joined just to look into this dashcam install.

Mine took about 3 hours, because apparently in or Sept 2014 (pre-autopilot) car, they were unable to get power from both the rear view mirror, and the glove box, so they had to route the power from the frunk.

There really isn’t much to do in that area, but we ended up going to the event at the Nikkei Heritage centre, which was having an event then, but unfortunately it ended at 4 (we were done at 5).

It works great though!

Just a question, do any of you use the cloud functionality? There’s no wifi in our garage (we’re not sure if we’ll have it in our new garage either, as we live in a high rise), and it’s annoying having to access the camera directly using wifi on the app (as it disconnects the phone from the internet while it’s connected to the dashcam wifi!)