Reply To: Model 3 Reveal

Paul Carter

I sent a message to Robin about perhaps having a second ‘VIP’ lineup out in the parkade, coming in the back door… for current owners. Your key fob would be your admission ticket… LOL

Nothing back on that yet, but she’s usually pretty good about responding. No doubt the mothership hasn’t given guidance on this yet and the stores are probably scrambling to make their own plans.

I noted I’m not 18 and this isn’t the Rolling Stones, so spending the night on the sidewalk isn’t really a consideration… funny that you made the concert comment above!

It would also be nice if they had a room booked somewhere for owners to mingle during the evening reveal.

Got the email saying I didn’t win tickets to the Hawthorne event, so I won’t have to work out the logistics of that trip. Heading down in early May, so just as well!