Reply To: Model 3 Reveal

Stephen Chow

From the Tesla email, current owners will have priority over non-owners for reserving a Model 3 and then we get down to the fully loaded vs basic packages and geographical deliveries (US before other countries) for deliveries.

I’m sure most of us on this forum have read the TMC topics and comments regarding early adopters and current owners getting first dibs on M3. I’m going to email Robin at the Vancouver store to see if we physically have to be in the store to place the deposit on the 31st at 10am or if we have to wait till 8pm for online reservations otherwise. I don’t feel like waiting in line like I’m getting concert tickets. Even if every Canadian Tesla owner places a Model 3 deposit (I’m estimating about 5000 current owners and maybe 1/2 placing a Model 3 deposit at most, so 2500 reservations) ahead of meI’ll be ahead of 1000’s of non-owners.

I’ll place a deposit and see what specs and new features the Model 3 will come out with. In the end, the deposit is fully refundable if the Model S has the same features as Model 3. It’ll be nice if the $5000 BC incentive for <$77k EVs will be in place still in 2-3 years.