Reply To: BlackVu Dashcam Installed Group Buy DR650GW-2CH

Paul Carter

Thanks for that Ken. I think I could manage it from the sound of things. I tend to underestimate my abilities when it comes to messing with with stuff that could be costly to fix. It sounds like I’ve done tougher projects, actually. Sometime let me tell you about working under the dash in an Alfa from Japan… plenty of wires, all labeled in Japanese, and ‘logically’ arranged by the Italians… the flexible circuit board for the instrument panel, with multiple trace breaks, was also a treat. LOL

Paul, do you have any idea whether the installer you’ve got lined up would be doing the work in essentially the same manner? I’m wondering if there would be interest to have a group ‘install-fest’ to do the work ourselves… especially if Ken or someone with the experience would be available to provide some guidance? I don’t really mean to volunteer Ken for the project! But wonder if it’s a simple enough project to get people together for some cooperation and club bonding… just a thought. The ‘bonding’ could also be done in the parking lot at the dashcam installer while their guys do all the work! 😉