Reply To: Aftermarket Wheels?

Stephen Chow

Hey Dan,

I have my 21″ Turbines on Pirelli Sottozero 3 from Tesla and in comparison to the WRG3 tires, the wet traction on the WRG3 are better. There wasn’t enough snow this year for me to compare the two, but the Pirellis definitely had a little more road noise considering the softer compound. For dry performance, the WRG3 feel similar to the stock Michelin Primacy tires. I don’t feel the traction breaking loose or traction control kick in on dry pavement with launches on the WRG3’s. For the Lower Mainland, the WRG3’s would suffice with dual motors, but if you’re RWD you might be better off with the Hakka R2’s and have 2 sets of tires and wheels.

I wish I could give you a higher mileage review of the tires, but my wife and I only have had our Model S’s for 6 months and 3 months with 13000KM of driving in total.

I have the luxury of taking my Toyota Tundra when there is bad weather like during the windstorm. I gotta swap out the Blizzaks on the truck soon for my All-Terrains as well.