Reply To: BlackVu Dashcam Installed Group Buy DR650GW-2CH

Ken Neave

There’a a CAN bus port on the side, just above where the dead pedal for driver’s left foot. I just bought a cable with connectors. These are hard to find!! Had to order from some Chinese company – something like 6 weeks delivery. So with this setup, it is quite literally plugged into the car.

For the PMP, there are actually two cutoff modes that work in parallel – one based on battery voltage, ie., if voltage is below 11.8 or 12.0 volts (selectable), the PMP cuts power to the camera. The second cutoff is time-based, using one of 8 selectable running times until shutoff. I think I set mine to 24 hours. This second mode means you need a direct battery power connection as well as an accessory “swtiched” source, which I tapped from the USB/accessory plug power.

From what I measured, battery voltage stays above 12 volts when the car is off, so it would only decay below 12.0 if the little accessory battery is dying (and not getting a recharge from the main battery).

So the answer is … I do get continuous recording after car is off for up to 24 hours. This covers most of my own parking scenarios!