Reply To: Aftermarket Wheels?

Paul Carter

Stephen! Funny… I’ve been looking at the 580’s quite seriously. I saw the 590’s first, but noticed the 580’s and liked the look of them around the lug nuts a little better. They’re still on my list of potential suspects. When you say ‘3 stage’, does that mean the number of coats of paint? What colour did you get? On which colour car? How did the customs guys treat you with those wheels/tires? Full duty or were they NAFTA exempt?

Ken: I’ve been looking at quite a bit. I’m at a point where the rims are starting to look the same… and when I think I’ve found something I like, I see a look-alike stock wheel on a Chev econobox or similar – that kills the loving feeling for some reason.

I’m actually back looking at T-Sportline again (as Dan mentioned). They now offer a 20″ turbine, just starting to ship apparently. It’s available in the grey and would look much like the factory turbine wheel. The 19″ turbine is still a consideration. I’m on track to clock 40,000 km this first year of ownership, so I need to consider how well the tires/rims will survive potholes and how long the rubber will last. It’s a bit ironic that the more expensive tires last fewer km’s and are more likely to be killed by a pothole!

Dan… Can you confirm the pricing of the stock 19″ wheels? When I called the other day, the girl at the front told me they were $450 a corner, without TPMS. Seems more than you were mentioning above. Or maybe I’m not accounting for the USD properly.