Reply To: Aftermarket Wheels?

Stephen Chow

Hey Brock, I just put on my Avante Garde 580 wheels I bought from Get Your Wheels off of Jason from TMC. They are 20″ wheels and with many colour options. I got them for $3K USD shipped to Sumas WA for a 3 stage finish, but a stage 1 finish would be $2250 USD that includes TPMS sensors, lugnuts, and tires. I can send you a few pics Brock. I’ve only had them for 3 days on the Model S so I can’t say anything about longterm wear for the Continental DWS tires, although the ride is better than the 21″ Turbines. The ride is about the same as my wife’s Model S with stock 19’s but tores are a little noisier than the WRG3’s and Primacy tires.