Reply To: Aftermarket Wheels?

Paul Carter

Yes, I started my search with T Sportline. I like the turbine look they offer in a 19″. But I don’t like the price or the exchange!

I definitely like the look of 21’s, but they just don’t make sense in my case. Maybe 20’s, but I’m not convinced the improvement justifies the cost. And I’ve got plenty of wear left on my OEM 19″ tires.

I found this site: which lets you preview their rims on a Tesla of your colour. Too many to narrow down the choice though! And then, to try to find a local supplier…

I’ve been running Nokian Hakka’s for many years and always go back to that model when I need new ones. I suppose it depends on your personal requirements, but I’m not willing to lower the bar on winter performance with the WRG3’s. The R2’s have been great on my Model S!