Reply To: Earth Day (Tsawwassen Mills) Sun, Apr 14, 2019


Saturday evening April 13th…. Got a call last night from Tesla in California. They told my Delivery Appointment was being Cancelled 5 days after I was told my MX had arrived in Vancouver.

Reason given, Tesla Toronto has not sent the vehicle rego paper work out to Tesla Vancouver, so they can do the rego, ICBC safety inspection and finally deliver to me my car. Told 2-3 business days to get the docs out here. (to which my wife said “have they not of Overnight Priority Courier”?)

On the up side Tesla said they would give me a complete refund of the Shipping and Delivery fees to make up for all inconvenience and broken delivery date promises. I told my Delivery Specialist, I wanted to see new MVPA showing this waiving of the the Delivery Fees,

So hopefully next Friday, this 8 week saga will reach a conclusion.

Not a Happy camper and nor is my wife, Sorry for missing Earth Day tomorrow,

Cheers! Hugh