Reply To: Aftermarket Wheels?

Dan Bowditch

The 19″ T Sportline wheels from Evannex (or T Sportline) look the best and most reasonably priced aftermarket wheels but the exchange rate and shipping are killers. They are USD $1,700 to start compared with just under $1,200 before tax for the 19″ OEM Tesla ones (sans tires and TPMS).

I have 21″ OEM with summer tires but I don’t like the tires or the rims for all the reasons spelled out on the various forums. I recently (2 months ago) ordered four 19″ OEM wheels from the Vancouver TSC plus 2 sets of wheel bands from Evannex. (I already have 4 original TPMS sensors from a guy who had to get new ones when he switched to his P85D). I am still waiting for the 19″ rims from Tesla. Good thing it’s been a mild winter.

I plan to put either winter (Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2) or all weather (Nokian WRG3) tires on the 19s, polish the curb rash from the 21s and put tire bands on all 8 wheels. If I go with the WRG3s and they handle well enough, I may use the 19s all year round and sell the cleaned up 21s.