Reply To: Green license plate petition to the Government of British Columbia

R. (Dale) Monrad

Would you support a green license plate petition to the Government of British Columbia? (YES)
If yes, please comment your thoughts on the following:

(1) A green plate, similar to personalize plates, should be an option for clean vehicles and be the indicator for benefits such as HOV access, etc.(YES)

(2) A green plate fee can be higher than a personalize plate to help offset loss of revenue from gas tax to contribute our fair share.

(well some of us EV forerunners were denied the EV incentive * as our Tesla vehicles allcost over $77,000 MLP and then they also had the audacity to charge us a LUXURY tax) *( Note: the incentive was manged for the province by the BC New Car Dealers Assoc. – A bit like SNC-Lavalin)

(3) A green plate fee should not cost anything extra as an incentive to go green to meet Clean BC’s emission goals. (Nice idea but that will never fly)

(4) A modern plate system should be adopted to either not require a front plate or a sticker version to improve aesthetic and/or aerodynamics. (Nice idea but that will be a tough sell)