Drive Electric Week: EV Advocacy by supporting Ride and Drive Events.

National Drive Electric Week, presented, now globally by Plug In America, Sierra Club and the Electric Auto Association, Drive Electric Events are on now.

Plug In America also released in conjunction with Sierra Club, AchiEVe 3.0: Transition to EVs Policy Toolkit. Part of their toolkit talks about Consumer Education and Protection including EV Proclamations, Driver Bill of Rights, Ride and Drive Events, Open Access and Interoperability, and Uniform Signage Requirements.

We again see a theme regarding Ride and Drive Events. They state “Nothing gets people more excited and sold on the idea that an EV could work for them than a ride and drive event. These opportunities give people the chance to kick the tires and check out EVs for themselves, so they can see just how easy a transition it is.” (Page 21).

We totally agree and support local events by offering ride alongs whenever we can (not just this week)! Nothing beats a bum in a seat! Tell your friends & family if they are curious about electric vehicles that these type of events are a great way to experience it and talk to an owner with first hand experience. These owners are passionate about it for a reason and want to help others see how driving electric is right for them. They help combat myths & stereotypes that people start believing as misinformation is shared without fact checking. We applaud our members and all other volunteers for volunteering their time doing this public advocacy work.

Thank-you Tesla Owners Club of British Columbia club members for you support! We are making a difference. People walk away and Take the 2 Degrees Institute Electric Pledge (

For further reading on what you can do and what legislative efforts to support, please see this great resource of what the best policies around EV adoption are to incentivize people to make the switch.

Tesla Owners Club of British Columbia
Drive Electric Week has been postponed due to the Corona-19 epidemic

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  1. All Earth Day events and Drive Electric Week events have been cancelled during the Corona-19 virus event. Please check back when the dangers are declared as minimal.

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