The Tesla Owners Club of B.C. is working on a series of workshops to provide members, new and expecting owners with the information they need to make the most out of Tesla products and services.

As part of the “New Owners On Boarding Events (NOOB-E)” series this workshop provides a quick and great overview of the various aspects of the technology and features as well as useful information one must be aware of. Attendees can submit questions prior to the workshop and ask more questions during the workshop. Time is set aside to allow as many questions as possible. Attendees can also have some additional time after the scheduled 1 hour workshop is concluded (depending on volunteer and attendee availability).

New and expecting owners will be invited by the Tesla Delivery Team to attend the clubs workshop and will get more details on what to expect on their upcoming delivery day from Tesla. Club members can join the NOOB-E group and find out how to register for the next workshop.

Workshop Attendees can gain access to club resources and workshop content. Please ask your delivery team or your club facilitator on how to register. Attendees are encouraged to join as a supporting member or just try us out by becoming a non-voting member.